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Hey everyone,
Once again I have to tell you I am.have the time of my lige with this app. It is so cun and challenging I love it…However, it is really frustrating when I have been in a flight for a long time super proud of myself and I either lose control of the aircraft on approach due to the app freaking out or it just goes bat s…t crazy and screen goes black. One other question. Why cant I tune in to approach and I have to wait for the warning call.
Capt. Timothy

If your app freeze and close near an busy airport you have to adjust your airplane count down to medium or low in settings —> Live

Also close any apps running in the background.

To tune in to the approach frequency you can tap on the airport icon on the map and choose approach from the list there if it is not visible in the ATC menu. Tune in to approach when you are around 50-60 nm out and below FL180

What device are you using and what are your graphics settings?

Also make sure you clear up your storage space. Please have at least a Gigabyte free in your storage space when running Infinite Flight.

Make sure to lower down your graphic settings. Turn off Anti-Aliasing and tick the limit frame rate box. And please state your device.

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