App Crashes While Ending A Flight / Session (22.3)

Hello everyone! Recent update was great but there are flaws. This is one of them.

The app crashes while ending a flight or session, sending straight to the home screen. I’m sure this is not an intentional behaviour programmed by the developers so I made this topic to get some attention by the developers.

Device: Huawei nova 4e
Operating system: Android 10

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Reset your scenery cache, if this doesn’t work reset your device. If that doesn’t work delete and reinstall IF

Be careful though. Do not delete the app unless you are ok with deleting your replays.

We are aware of this crash but haven’t identified a way to reproduce it deterministically.

We would appreciate any help to find a set of steps that trigger the crash 100% of the time. If you find a way, please let us know (include device make/model and OS version)


thanks so helpful (not)

how much times to people have to be told that scenery cache doesnt help with crashes

I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings by trying to solve your problem.


I just did a 6-hour online flight from JFK to CDG and it doesn’t crash when I end the flight this time… Even on replays. It looks like this problem doesn’t occur 100% of the time.

Update: I tried ending the flight on 3 different airports (KJFK, LFBO & VHHH) and the only airport that I have this problem to occur is Toulouse Blagnac (LFBO). The crashing problem occurs 100% of the time for me when I end the flight or a replay session at that airport.

Device: Huawei nova 4e
Operating system: Android 10

Does it also happen in solo at that same airport?

Being able to repro an issue in Solo (or in a Replay if Solo doesn’t work) makes it easier to narrow down

Yes, it also happens in solo mode at that same airport.

Ditto here. A bit more info…
iPad 9th gen 128gb. App crashed after leaving and confirming end of session or deleting a replay. Crashed twice on me.
Off loaded the app, reset cache, etc.
It has only happened twice so far.
I also run in low mode on everything with no id’s, low airplane count and no aliasing.
That way the app doesn’t burn through the battery in an hour of flight.
That’s the info I have.

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