App Crashes when using ATC

My app crashes once im acting as an ATC, not every time but usually once it gets busy and I’m directing many aircraft it will close in between all of the chaos. My device is up to date and can handle all flights on best quality so it is not that my phone is outdated. Any suggestions or is this a problem with the app?

How to reproduce

  • Open Infinite Flight
  • Open an ATC frequency on IF Live (Appr/Dep usually crashes more)
  • During busy traffic the app will sometimes crash

Other Information
iPhone 6
IOS 9.1
IF Version 15.11.0


That is weird. I have the same phone and iOS but have not had this issue.

It’s very frustrating, usually once the server is busy it just crashes!

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Try and limit the issue down further if you can. It sounds like a device issue not the app it’s self.

All I can really say is the usual restart config. Hold the shutter button and home screen down until the Apple logo illuminates.

Then proceed to close All multitasking tabs, reduce brightenss and lower some settings on the graphics menu (plane count, plane quality etc). If the issue continues after trying the above, take it into your local Apple store, could be a processing issue, I’ve had it before many times.

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I’ll give it a try, thanks!

The Same Problem in the Android World. Every time a little Traffic comes it crashes.
3 different devices ( Samsung Note 4, Tab Pro and Shield)

Yep it’s a right pain, I did turn off my Anti Ailising and lowered graphics when I knew I was going to act as ATC and found this did help, so maybe try that as suggested above

Lowered the graphics but at the latest when a plane spawns the APP crashes.

Exact same problem with me most of the time, sorry no other help I can offer now, it looks like it’s something that needs to be fixed by the developers