App crashes when trying to view info on grades

i am writing as i have been trying to view my grades because something doesn’t add up i was grade 3 then i am now grade 1. each time i try to look at grade info i am exited from the app in other words it crashes. i have tried several things for this eg reinstalling the app, restarting the phone, restarting the app. nothing seems to help.

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Have you downloaded the latest hotfix?

Have you updates infinite flight as the new hot fix should help

yes it has been updated

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That’s weird I’ll get a moderator @moderators

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@Marcus1 That’s not the way to do it. Please, unless there is really an issue, don’t tag them. Eventually they’ll swing by and have a look. Thank you.


Ok sorry will do next time


cheers guys

Hey @James_Lang!

Sorry about this. Can you confirm this is still an issue for you? Some changes were made just minutes ago that could have resolved this.

If not, please get back to us with your current callsign and display name.

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