App Crashes When Flying Into KLGA

Device: iPad
Operating system: iPadOS 16.6.1

Hi, this issue has been happening for quite a long time now, but every time I do a flight to KLGA, my game always crashes usually when im within 5 miles of the airport. This usually happens when I’m on final, but occasionally it’ll happen when I’m passing by the airport on my downwind. Typically the app will stutter a few times every few seconds, then it has one big final stutter, and it crashes.

Generally speaking, my iPad does crash here and there when flying into other airports as well, but thats typically when there’s a handful of other aircrafts at the airport. I’ve made a support ticket about the general app crashes a few months ago and that was somewhat resolved (I was made aware of the issue but never fixed it). Nevertheless, I haven’t experienced many crashes in the past few months when landing, however, every time I fly into LGA, it always crashes, and most of the time the airport is completely empty, I’m the only one there. Not to mention there’s times when I fly into airports that are double or even triple the size of LGA such as BOS, JFK, MIA, etc, and my app usually doesn’t crash while flying there, even when there’s other users.

I am looking into getting a new iPad as my current one is pretty old, but I’d like to know what the issue is. LGA is a considerably small airport and for my app to be crashing every single time I fly to it, and not even crashing when flying to other, much larger airports, I think it’s quite odd.

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Change your 3D object density or low or medium.

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I did, but my main point is why is it crashing every time with LGA, but not with other airports, including ones that are twice or triple the size of LGA…

I’m not sure.

Likely has to do with the close proximity of larger airports such as KJFK and KEWR with lots of 3D objects being rendered in the area of LGA.

@Asher It could just be what setting you have it on. My device does not do that.

I use full graphics for everything and still experience issues on my end sometimes. It’s a very demanding location with all of the 3D objects rendering in one place. Recommend for an area like that to reduce FPS and lower graphic and especially 3D object count settings to reduce iPad workload.

I could kinda understand that but when I fly into other airports like JFK (I never fly into EWR, hate it), it doesn’t always crash. LGA crashes every single time. And only when I’m inbound, never when I depart from there.

@Asher same. I use full graphics and it doesn’t crash.

What iPad model are you on specifically? You can check this by going to Settings → General → About → Model Name

It’s a 5. But that’s not gonna solve anything. Yes my ipad crashes here and there, but every single time I fly into LGA, it crashes, but when I fly into larger airports like JFK or even BOS, it doesn’t always crash. I can’t remember the last time I was able to complete a flight to LGA and actually land.

I’m sorry to say, but the iPad 5th gen is probably not going to cut it anymore. I also have an iPad 5th gen from 2017, but I recently upgraded to the iPad Air 5 for school purposes, and it works wonders for Infinite Flight compared to the iPad 5th gen 2017. It was a struggle. Flying into the hub with traffic was almost a guaranteed app crash. If I’m at a big airport without traffic, then it might not crash, but it is extremely laggy w/ low fps (even with all low settings) and ofc there were still some crashing incidents no matter what, so it’s still not a fun experience whatsoever.

If you haven’t already, I’d recommend reading through this: Performance | Infinite Flight and implementing the mitigation measures I took to reduce crashes (listed below).

For me, with the iPad 5th gen, I used all low settings & brightness, closed background apps, used low brightness, enabled low power mode in Infinite Flight restarted my device and the app before flights, and optimized for long hauls that I rarely did on that device (i.e. when in cruise I put airplane count to none, either pointed camera at night sky or in seat of cockpit, lowest brightness setting).

Honestly, it’s probably best to not fly into a busy ATC hub (even flying out is risky as you could crash while waiting in line or taxiing, but not as much since less time is lost). It’s gonna crash almost 100% even with precautions taken and will ruin your experience. You can probably still fly into big airports without traffic with less crashes, but it’ll still be extremely laggy. I can’t say why KLGA is crashing more but other big airports are not (assuming there’s no traffic), but just take all the steps you can to minimize crashes.

I believe KLGA got a special exemption for performance optimization in scenery editing, specifically to do with KLGA being permitted to have taxiway shoulder markings (even if other airports are not), but I am not a dev so I cannot say if that is a reason for why crashing is more frequent at KLGA. If this continues to be a persisting issue with KLGA specifically or you’d like try pursuing this further (even if I very much doubt there is a satisfactory resolution to this), you can always email to seek official support.

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