App crashes when flying between CYVR and KPDX.

I tried to fly this route twice now with the Air Canada Q400 and both times just south of the Seattle airport it crashes(I was flying an actual route I imputed thanks to flight aware). Every other flight has been fine.

Pretty sure a hole in the server there. Hopefully the dev’s patch it soon since I plan on flying alot around Seattle soon.

Have you tried other routes? or doing the same fight with another device? its unlikely there is a big bug due to the amount of testers which have done similar routes into the Seattle region

Thanks for the feedback report! Did you crash in the exact same spot both times? Location and other information can help pinpoint a cause.


Yes, it was between KSEA and BUWZO. Close to KSEA.

For what it’s worth I was recreating AC8125 if it helps any.