App crashes when contacting ATC

when I play live, the app working great, but as soon as i contacts ATC, the app crashes all times. I tried to change airport and aircraft but still the crashing happen.
any suggestions?

  • iphone plus 6
  • ios 9.0.2

after a long flight? its a know issue

My Iphone 6 plus issue 2 nd time in a row crashed by long flight.
version: ios 9.2.1

Does it happen on all flights , short or long? Does it crash when you contacting ATC or when requesting landing? Dont upgrade your ios to the newest version cause many users have problems with ios 9.2.1, try doing an hard reset…
I had an similar problem on atc check out mayby this helps?
app crash when clearing for ils at non ils approach

Check out this thread:
Iphone app crashing on new ios 9.2.1

no, just when I contact ATC

happens in both long/short flight, and crashs happening when I press any ATC options like "Announce Taxi "

Did you try reinstalling the game?

no, will try to reinstall and hope that will works

Yep, after you reinstalled the game, make an hardreset before launching it first time…hold sleep and standby buttons for ten seconds to screen goes black

thanks Jack, will do that and hop it will works

Good luck, let me know how it turns out, have some other ideas in the bag

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I tried your suggestion and didn’t resolve the problem.
have the app store version

Reinstall didnt help? Or just closing and rebooting?
Are you using a jailbreak? (Guessing, otherwise not on 9.0.2)😉
Cause an jailbreak can interfere with the app, depends on the tweaks u have installed…

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no I meant John’s suggestion 😊
when i get to Wifi network i will reinstall.
and didn’t have jailbreak

I tried to reinstall the game and the crashes still happening!!
i can play “live” as long as i want but just the moment when I contact ATC the app crash !!

Hmm…you are on 9.0.2 right? Or are you on 9.2.1?Did you install from the Appstore or over itunes?

im on ios 9.0.2

Alright, try to install the game over Itunes and not over the appstore and dont forget the soft reset after…if this doesnt help at all, we have to try a fresh copy, but this would be the last step to do, but to this i walk you through, if you want keep your 9.0.2