App Crashes Upon Startup

I have looked and couldn’t find anything in the FAQ… or I’m just blind but ever since the new update my app crashes upon opening the app. I have no interest in deleting the app, because I don’t want to loose everything but I can if that is necessary. Any idea on how to troubleshoot this?


First of all, sorry to hear about this.
Is the app crashing as soon as you launch it?
Are you on iOS or Android?

Hey there! I am on iOS and as soon as I tap the app to open it; the app loads for a split second and immediately crashes.

Okay, in that case I’m afraid a reinstall is the only option.
This happens on iOS sometimes (had it on numerous different apps).

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Pretty sure you’ve been here long enough to know that hijacking other people’s topics bringing up issues unrelated to what was posted about is not appreciated ;)

is that good or bad what you told me? is that I translated it into Spanish and I cannot determine if what he said now is bad or good … if it is something bad I am very sorry

Your issue has nothing to do with what this topic is about. Post a separate topic if the steps in the Support FAQ don’t help :)

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Okey Okey! I’m so sorry for this hehe, what a shame😅

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Thank you for the help. If reinstalling the app doesn’t fix it, would I post here again?

I’m positive it will. But yeah, just let me know through here if it doesn’t :)

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