App crashes or freezes every time I play online

Every time i start the app and call for atc the app freezes. I’ve kept my settings to medium and low but the issue remains.

I have the most recent update.

I can understand lag on the app but since I’ve purchased my new subscription I’ve had no game time

Have you restarted your device?

Device Specs?
What IF version you got?

Apple iPad mini 16GB
Version 16.02.0

I don’t even know what jail break is so I’m going to say no

It’s been an issue the last week or so. Multiple restarts

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First make sure to have the latest version of iOS installed.
The first iPad Mini is a bit slow, so you should have all graphics settings at the lowest option. The “show aircraft count live” should be set to low.
Keep at least 1gb of free unused device memory storage, it can help. :)
Restart the device often, and keep background apps closed.
Live will take more of the devices resources, so in areas where there’s traffic online the device might slow things down here or there.

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