App Crashes on multiple occasions doing multiple things

So I’ve done 6 flights in the new 777 and got to say, It’s amazing. But i haven’t been able to land it yet as i crash every time. I’ve crashed 4 times on landing and twice while adding or changing a STAR. Any help is much appreciated.

It’s due to the Server Load I think. This should be in #support

Lol meant to make it support before i posted it. Thanks for pointing that out.

did your game crash, or your plane?

The server loads are causing crashes, however your chances of experiencing crashes can be reduced by lowering your settings at least temporarily until server loads lessen. Hope this helps!

The app was crashing.

I’ll have to try that on my next flight. Thanks for the suggestion!

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We’re working on this. There’s several things going on right now and parts of it is something we’re working on server side, and some things may require an app update.

We’ll keep digging and hopefully we’ll have all of this resolved shortly!

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I can’t not even take off properly without the app crashing. I only getting to play the game for ten(10) minutes, when will you guys give us an update about when’s this problem will be fixed.

Thank you.

I just did, 24 minutes ago.


Do you know if any of these are similar to the memory leak previously? In that they will reliably cause a crash but have a potential workaround?

We don’t believe so, no.
We have several different crash issues going on at the same time right now, with most of them being a server side issue. But poking around with this is very delicate and that is why it takes time. We’ve made some progress already, but we can’t do everything in one sweep.

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Ok thank you! You guys have done so much already!

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