App crashes on long hauls!

In update 20.3 there’s a bug that crashes the app when doing long hauls…I was doing a flight from Auckland to Dubai on 777-200LR and after 6-7 hours the app quit itself and my flight was ended. I use latest iOS 14.3 on iPhone XR

It does the exact same thing to me all the time

I did a 22 hour flight the other day with an A359 and my iPhone 8 worked fine.

I’ve got no problems on my 6S. I do use the lowest graphics, lowest brightness, fly on night time, in game low power, tail camera at the sky, but it goes to show that you can make just about anything work on this game. 73 hours without hitch.

Ay 6S gang.

Except I use medium settings for T/O and Landing.

OP you should check storage.

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Oh yeah, it’s probably important to note that my 6S’ storage is completely cleared out. It has essential functions, IF, and Slack (so I can transfer flight plans).

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