App crashes on iPhone 6

after the 18.6 update this happens to me every time. When I fly online everytime on short final (about 1000 ft) the app just closes and when I reopen it it starts again.

It never happened to me before the update, it happens every time! Please, help!


I reccomend using this thread so your device is at the correct settings for your device!


I have the correct settings but this happened just after the update. I dont know what to do.

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Try reinstalling the app. Maybe that will help. If that does not work check your storage to make sure you do not have all your space almost used up that might cause the app to crash as well.

Happens to me too on the iPhone 6. After a 13h+ flight my app crashes at 500ft.


It’s pretty impressive that it lasted that long to be honest.
As the app continues to develop and improve, some older devices will experience performance degradations. Partially because the app becomes a bit more performance demanding in accordance with hardware developments. But also due to the fact that as a device gets older, it looses some of the performance…


Your scaring me with my iPhone 7 and got it when it was realised and still have this until summer😬

I have an IPhone 6 and I have discovered that if you go on the settings on the main menu open ‘graphics’ set the textures to Medium and rendering to medium. I also turn of the setting with the check box. I have done this and my game has never crashed.

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Well, I use an iPhone 6 and everything works fine. Ever tried trying to clear the storage on it or changing the settings in Infinite Flight to a lower frame rate? All these things (including a reboot) could help you solve your problem.

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