App crashes on approach after a perfect flight

I was on final at Atlanta as @BT_HANDLES tells me to report Airport in sight. Once I did the app crashed and I’m sure you know what happened. Idk why is the cause of this. I did have issues with the app in which one of the mods asked to test the beta version of app and report any bugs or anything unusual. And i was right behind my Instagram friend @Gabriel_Gomez number 2 for landing. After that perfect flight I’m a bit a disappointed. It happens when I use my AirPods while playing infinite flight most of the time.

Don’t use the test version of the app. Use the one from App Store. You had that for a specific purpose which have not been fulfilled and it requires more of your device.
But I’m confused… so this isn’t a problem anymore?


Hey bro yes I am using the original app from the AppStore. And it crashes as I approach Atlanta from a real time flight from Frankfurt ad Lufthansa 444 heavy. I just stated I used the beta app before since I had issues with the original app.

But the connection issues you experienced 12hrs ago are not a problem anymore?

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No not anymore. I started the app after a filed my FPL and the app just stayed loading for almost 5 minutes and says an error code. But it did load up shortly after

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