App crashes on 6th generation IPad

Hello everyone!
It is from this afternoon that I have not resumed flying because at the time of pushback the app crashes. I have the resolution of the images at the minimum level, I use a very strong wifi network and to tell the truth I’m really tired of paying 85 € a year for not having a good game!

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Sorry to hear. I can definitely imagine it not feeling that much fun.

To start with:

  • How much storage do you currently have available on your iPad currently?
  • Have you tried a simple device restart since this issue started to occur for you? Infinite Flight is rather heavy on resources and restarting your device will free up quite a lot of that if it’s not been restarted for some time.

Hi there!
My Ipad has 32GB available, I only have 19GB full. I tried to restart the device but it still crashes


Few more questions what are your graphic settings set to? The may be to high for ur current storage setup.

Also possibly take a look at this topic as this could be the other cause but I will still help you with anything I can do before we rule it as this issue! :)


@USA_ATC here, i think they are all at low

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