App Crashes iOS


Ive just started my live subscription after a few months away. Since the latest update the app now crashes after every take off. Set all my courses and details. Get to between 6-10000ft and it just crashes. Has anyone else had this issue. Running iPhone 8 with the latest updates.

Did you tried simple things like:

  • Clear your scenery cache (setting → general)
  • Reinstalling IF
  • Restarting your Phone


Adding to what Lord_Huhn said: What iOS version is your device running?

I have reset my ram also on my phone twice. I’ll see how this helps.

Could you please provide us with the answer on the questions of @Starley ?
This would help us!


I have reset ram. Cleared cache. Reset phone on and off. Just trying again. Will see if it crashes.

Just crashed again on me at 8000ft after doing all of these procedures stated before.

That’s strange. Could be something with your IOS version. I don’t know much about IOS so I can’t help you with IOS😅
Maybe @Starley could help😉

Also make sure there are no background apps running.


I would reinstall the app at this point. You’ve done all that can be done up to this point.


Just doing that now. See how we go. Infinite Passenger keeps crashing also. Very strange. Never had these issues before. Ive been flying since 2011 and never had one issue with it. Let’s hope reinstalling all the apps work.

Try to play without infinite passengers 😅

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Get a Android. My note 5 has absolutly no problems

I had this problem:

Flew with IF PAX: crashed between 5-12000ft most of the time
Flew without IF PAX: whole flight completed

I now DO NOT fly with IF PAX

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It crashed only the first time with Infinite PAX. It crashes on its own the other four times 😂

Never had an issue till now with any of it. Just re installed all apps and so far so good. 25 mins into a flight so I think the reinstall worked.

Problem fixed^, this can be closed now

Wait and see till I complete the flight please

All good. Everything was sorted and worked perfectly 👌🏻

Thanks for the help guys

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