App crashes in ATC camera view

As the title suggests, the app crashes when i switch to ATC camera view. Did two long flights but didn’t get the XP. I tried restarting the device, even uninstalled and reinstalled the app but the problem persists. Also after reinstalling my logbook is empty. Im using a Lg V20 running Android Nougat and everything is set to high. In general the game runs very smoothly. Thanks in advance.


This happens to me to. Ruins almost every transoceanic flight I do.

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Try logging out your account and see if it works, or Clear the cache of the app. Hope that helps.

Will try that. Thanks!

No problem, if that works please let me now.

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I think it crashes, because the closest tower is too far away so it can’t find it.

Nope i switched to that view after i landed. I was just spotting other planes.

And what about the logbook? It just became empty after i reinstalled the app.

Yes, the logbook will clear after a reinstall. Don’t worry though, your stats are saved on the servers but the logbook will appear as new.


Keep in mind, even if your app crashes, you still are rewarded the XP for the time you flew. This is a common misunderstanding by folks. Just wanted to address this.


Okay. Then the number of landings remained the same

Yes! Your XP, flight time and landings are permanent record and they update regularly as you fly ;)

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