App crashes immediately when trying to fly online, but solo flights work just fine.

When selecting ‘Fly Online’, as soon as I hit “FLY” to start my online flight, the app crashes and I see my iPhone main screen. When I select ‘Solo’, there’s no issue and I can fly around seemingly all day long.

  • I have deleted and reloaded the app.
  • I did a soft reboot.
  • I’ve tried to change every setting that could possibly add stress to my device.
  • I don’t want to reset to factory settings because that seems extreme and risky as I have too much data and information on my phone to risk a factory reset and restore.

Has anyone else had this issue? It’s extremely frustrating because this is the best flight app I have ever seen in years.

Thanks - Mike

Hello! What version are you using on?

Hey there,

  • Have you got any any active subscription?
  • Have you updated your Infinite Flight to the latest version, 19.1?
  • What iPhone device do you currently have?
  • You need plenty of storage in order to run on live servers. Aircrafts seem to download automatically which do require lots of storage to keep Infinite Flight running.

Hi Gabe,

I’m on 19.1.7012.33903 - iPhoneX


I believe I have only 1 active subscription. How can I tell if I have more than 1? When I click on my name in the top right corner of the screen, it crashes.

Maybe do a screen recording then show it to us?

Hey Mike,

Thank you for letting me know. Seems like your application crashes when looking up information in relation to your Live Subscription account. Most staff in this community look over our accounts and solve problems in relations to Live accounts. You must contact any Moderator in relation to this problem. You can do it now via email at :

I’ll tag @schyllberg so he could check out your problem. Maybe he could help out. Well I hope this helps too.


Does the app crash if you try spawning into the Casual Server?

Hi Mike, sometimes this problem happens to me. What I do turn the Ipad completely off, make sure no other apps are running, and change all the graphics to low. I hope this works.

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@Mr-plane-guy1 this is a 2 month old post it has most likely been resolved by now thanks.

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