App crashes every time on final ( iPad Pro M1)

I have now for the third time in a row that the app crashes when I’m on final I know IF is aware of the issue but its starting to get VERY annoying. I can’t even complete a flight without crashing what’s to point to fly now ??? I have the iPad Pro m1 and the settings on the Maximum. I know guys gonna say lower your graphics but the fact that I have to lower my graphics otherwise the game crashes on the a device with literally a high end pc CPU and GPU is REALLY shameful.



I’ve been doing loads of flights on my M1 without any crashes. Not a single one to be entirely honest.
Everything on high except 30fps.

The only difference i can think of is that i have a habit of restarting my device before any longer flight. Are you doing that?


I don’t restart my iPad but I always close all apps except from IF operations, IF assistant, safari (for the flight plan) and Spotify

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Then i would advice doing that - restarting more often. It’s something i would recommend regardless of the current crash issues we have :)


I will, but the fact I have to that with a ridiculous powerful iPad shouldn’t be even a thing.

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I have a ridiculously powerful PC and it still needs a restart every now and then. Everything does.

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Sure, but you don’t have to restart it because apps suddenly crashes

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That i do actually. Additionally, no iPad or iPhone is designed to have a performance heavy application running in the foreground.

Back before we had Global. We rarely saw these kinds of issues since the app was used in the same way other apps were. Things are somewhat different now :)


I just did a flight to Denver I restarted my iPad but it crashed again on final for the fourth time in a row, is really frustrating

Sorry if ask but … when did the app crash on final ?

When I control on approach freq . I see sometimes planes disappearing at the middle of the ILS cone . I guess their game is crashing too


Sometimes at 1000ft AGL sometimes 3000AGL it depends,

My iPad was doing this the other day I did LHR to LAX and all my wheel’s had just touched down then game crashed but it usually did this on a short final. I just upgraded yesterday to iPad air and no problem now?

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Well then I just buy another iPad Pro 😑

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