App crashes every single time after 5-10 min of play

App getting crash every time unable to play. Pls fix it asap

Device:ipad 9th gen
Operating system:iOs 16.2


What are your graphic settings? Is it crashing on Solo or Live? Do you have apps running in the background?

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Graphic setting -high changed to medium but still same result,
No background app running
Crashes in live mode , expert server

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same thing happens to me when i’m not even off of the ground

Try doing a route on Solo and lowering the quality even more. If that doesn’t work, uninstall and reinstall. If that doesn’t work, then the issue may be related to the string of crash reports many users have been reporting.

After lowering the graphic setting to low in all setting flight duration increased but app crashed again after approximately 30 min .

I have already uninstalled and re installed.

Did you fly on Live or Solo?

I flied live only ………

Do a flight on Solo. If it doesn’t crash there, it means your phone can’t currently support Live.

@Dan_77 has compiled a list of the mlst capable devices for IF. He may be able to tell you if your device can handle IF on max quality.

Also, @schyllberg can also help.

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Ipad 9 gen not compatible to use on live server? Lol.

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Avoid flying into crowded hubs like kjfk. Go fly in a quiet airspace and see what happens. Don’t use anti arising it will certainly make the sim to crash. Try it.

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Solo flight running smooth in high graphic.

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