App Crashes during Overnight Flight

Hi guys, I’m currently using iPhone 7 on IF and I’ve switched both the resolution options and plane count to low, and even turn on the long haul mode. My app runs perfectly within short haul flight, however, once I do a overnight flight, in the morning, I found the app crashed. It already happened for several times, any more clue which can prevent the app from crashing? Thank you guys! Good Day!

Overnight flights this week:

Abu Dhabi - Cape Town (app crashed once the a/c entered South Africa’s air space)

Honolulu - Tokyo Heneda (app crashed while approaching to Japan)

Hi there. Unfortunately it’s a known issue and they are looking into a fix. Updates on the issue are given in the thread below. What you’ve been doing to prevent it is the best you can do at this time unfortunately although there’s a few more things in the topic I linked at the very bottom you can do to help avoid this.

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Thanks, just took a flight using an iPod instead, it works perfectly, the gadget didn’t overheat (while my iPhone always overheat while running IF lol) Will continue to use iPod instead before the devs know how to fix :)

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