App crashes during 5-6+ hour flights, especially ones that require aircraft to go through beautiful scenery

I was doing a flight from JFK to Shanghai-Pudong with Cathay Pacafic, and not even before I reached the Alaskan border (use LiveFlight for location access), I saw my iPad was in sleep mode, but when I tried getting back to my flight, the app LITERALLY OUTRIGHT refreshed and gave me an error screen, while charging (iPad Pro 2018). Before this version was released my iPad was always on during any flight unless if I touched anything on the screen or any buttons. I mean I guess I can’t blame my iPad but it’s so annoying I wasted 30 mins to create my flight plan and go through ATC. Optimize your app guys. I hope I’m not the only one with this issue :D

Hello! Sorry to hear.

This is well documented in the FAQ linked below, under “Trending”:

… as well as in a topic handling this. Where current status of this issue is update:

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Oh yes I’ve seen this. Thanks for the heads up; however, I’m really sad I couldn’t complete my Shanghai flight, I was like halfway done 😂

Good news is that short haul flights aren’t necessarily crashing. XD