App crashes (details included)

Device: iPad Mini 2
iOs: 12.1.1
IF Version: Latest

Problem emerged after latest IF version release. Have not been able to finish many flights since.

Infinite Flight crashes in 2 scenarios.

  1. Heavy airspace
  2. Light airspace, descending below 6,000ft

Solutions tried

  1. Lowering graphic quality
  2. Restarting device after each flight
  3. Clearing cache
  4. Reinstalling IF
  5. Deleting every application possible that is not necessary for device function for IF and clearing memory space.

Fearing latest update makes IF incompatible with the ipad mini 2.

Update your iPad to the newest software

That is the newest

I’m sorry, I thought that you wrote 12.1

Can you please tell us what your graphic levels are set to?

This was the solution, also about the iPad mini 2

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Same happened to me on my ipad air. I just reset my entire device anyways since it was overdue. Worked after that.

When you fly try to limit one app running, I have tried and sometimes if I am lucky to get 2/3 running without crashing. Now I use an Ipad pro 10.5 but hope this advice helps.

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My graphic lvls are set to low

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