APP crashes @Contact ATC by larger planes like the 747-Sofia

  • I never had it
  • I had this Bug once

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@niclasdoege a bug report includes details about the bug, how to reproduce (the bug :-P) and device specs and software. Not polls. At least provide this info pls.

@IceBlue thanks for your reply

My phone (Cubot X11)
Have 2gb of RAM
And a 1.4ghz MT6592 Octa-Core CPU
(Android 4.4.2)

(That is not Bad)

And infinite flight always run fast just @submitting
Messages to ATC When i use larger Airplanes
Like the 747s and A380-800 the Screen go white and it crash

Hmmm… Weird.

Assuming you are on a legit IF and non rooted android, your graphics settings will help.

@IceBlue thanks for the tip i’ll try it p.s i rooted my android

Then that could be the problem did you root IF

“did you root IF”
Sorry but what do you mean ? I can just root a device not an APP (’-’)?

Infinite flight is abbreviated to IF but the root might be the problem

@Belfast_spotter thanks for your reply i’ll check this