App crashes at ATC work

I was doeing for some time (1h or so I dont know) ATC service at the ATC playgroundserver. Then the game froze. I closed it, emptied my RAM and started again. Same result. Afterwards my devise showed the whole time the locked-screen, and I had to unlog it for a couple of times again. When I closed the App compleatly my devise worked again accuratly. I made experiences like this in the past with older IF versions. I know the problem will be gone tomorrow, but I know es well, it will come back in a month or so. Does someone know, what this problem makes?


What’s your device. I have this problem but it doesn’t freeze it just crashes and my device is a 1 week old 64gb iPad mini 4 so they can’t say it’s your device lol

Samsung Galaxy Tab Note 3 10.1.2014edition lte

I have the same problem when using Appraoch/Departure/Centre radar frequencies, I made a topic about this before:

Oh sorry. I searced under freeze if there is already a topic. Next time. But to me it happens also when Im normal flying.

I get it on all atc positions ground, tower, approach, departure and center.

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I read that linked topic, but I think my problem is a bit different. At first, I had already more traffic managed without empying my RAM. At second, it made smothing like a bug on my whole devise, so not only the app itself

Please read this topic and follow the template

Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab Note 3 10.1 2014 edition lte
Software: Android 4.4.2; 2,7GB RAM
IF versin: latest version
Jailbrake or pirated software: no

What happend: My screen froze compleatly, while I tried to send a ATC message. I tried to take a screenshot, but my devise didnt react. When I presst IF away and went to the homescreen, my device locked itself. I tried to unlock it again, but my screen didnt react. After some tryes I got my devise unlocked. But my devise locked again. Same experience a few times again. After a minute or so it stoppt and my devise began to work normal again.

How to reproduce it: once it start to happen you only need to bress the FLYbutton for starting ATC work or a flight, and it will happen again. Cleaning RAM, closing other programms, nothing will change anything. After a while, half a day or so, it stopps, and I can play for the next time without any problems like this. But in a month or one and a half later it will happen again.

Note: I did in the past ATCwork with much more traffic, two frequencies parallel, and YouTube in the background. So I dont think its my RAM.
This time it made my devise working strange, otherwise I wouldnt say anything.
The only difference between this ATCwork and the flights and ATCoperations in the past is, that I didnt use my S Pen. But I cant try if it makes a difference,.