App crashes, and Live disconnect itself

Hi! I never changed my settings, play since a long time, and for 3 hours, my app crahses itself ! Besides, my live indicator often became red for no reasons while before it didn’t became red as often as now…

PS: Maybe, because i’m away, the live indicatore could be justified by a bad WiFi. But do the WiFi can cause my app crashes ?

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What does the red indicator says? Is it WiFi, or are there several other ones as well?

A poor internet connection can contribute to issues with the app. As far as consistent crashes, you’ll like my need to reduce your settings to low, aircraft count to low and ensure that you have a stable WiFi connection.


Okay thank you for your answer !!
I’m back home (with a WiFi which works perfectly usually) this tuesday. So, during this time, I will not change my settings, and if when I’m back home, nothing change, I’ll try to reduce to low. If it changes, I’ll confirm if a poor WiFi justified the crash

I didn’t even try to see, my bad!

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No problem!

Have you run many long-haul flights?

What do you keep your graphic settings at? Brightness levels?

Actually yes, I’ve more than 600 hours for “only” 260 landings, and I recently made a 10 hours flight (app crashes too, but it’s maybe because I received a call, then my device locked itself, thus after too much time spending locked, the app reset itself automatically.

For both Rendering quality and Texture quality I play as High, and for the rendering resolution, I play as Low, and the brightness must be at 70%

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Ok, brightness needs to be lowered. I play without any brightness to save battery as well. Is it possible for you to make texture quality medium? I’ve seen that setting before.

Secondly, for a long flight, make sure your phone or tablet doesn’t have auto-lock.

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I’ll take account your recomendations, thank you !

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You can also the rendering quality to medium, because you should be having high rendering quality.

Do you limit your frame rate @Greggoose972?

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