App crashes, and glitches

Device: Ipad 8th gen
System: IOS 17.1

Similar to many other users, i have experienced way more app crashes and issues since the release of 23.3. I’ve tried to just brush it off and not let them bother me, but that’s gotten pretty difficult. The most often crash I’ve experienced is hearing glitching noises from my Ipad for about 3-5 seconds before the app closes. Today while i was doing ATC at Montreal airport, i experienced something new and quite unusual that hasn’t happened before since i joined IFATC about a month ago. on ground frequency whenever i clicked on an aircraft to do drag and taxi, it wouldn’t let me click off of said aircraft and would only show aircraft A’s information until i clicked on aircraft B or C.
Yesterday evening, i was doing New York - Rome, and about 4 hrs into the flight, my app did the glitching noise again but for like 10 seconds then the app seemed to kinda “Recover”, then quit.
Over the last few weeks, my app almost always crashes after 1-2 flights, keep in mind i have been restarting between every single flight.
Another issue ive experienced for a while, even pre 23.3 was my app glitching. At first i thought it was simply the older age of my device, but now am starting to think its another issue with the app. During some of my flights, little things will glitch and become unusable like the rudder, throttle, Autopilot controls, etc.

Thanks to any and all who can help.


Happens to me also. Very annoying I will say.


I’ve also been having issues. Today at the KSLC Flyout, some of my messages to ATC weren’t going through. When I was just sitting on stand at Narita this afternoon, making a flight plan, the game, without warning, crashed.

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To start off, we’re sorry about all of these issues that came with 23.3. However, a lot of it has been fixed with 23.3.1 & 23.3.2. Especially with 23.3.2.

So the most important question here would be;
How much of this are relevant for 23.3.2? The things we have looked at thus far that have been, was “minor” in terms of percentage of total sessions affected. And then I mean like 3 events out of several thousand sessions.

Unfortunately there’s little more we can do than we are already doing without specifics on a very detailed level.

I actually think before the newest hotfix my game was crashing less often. I’d say it’s around 1 out of every 4-5 sessions instead of thousands.

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@schyllberg would you recommend any temporary things I could do on my end to at least alleviate these issues temporarily?

I always restart my device before each flight.

Same here.

I feel you. I have had similar issues where when I go to look at an aircraft’s info on the map, it makes glitching sounds and crashes. It could also be because my device is a bit older


We have the numbers. That would mean a 20-25% crash rate. Last I checked, our crash rate is at 0,67% on iOS out of all sessions. And this was when 23.3.2 was at a rather low adaption rate.

So is it safe to do long haul over night flights right now?

As I said, which of these are still occurring since 23.3.2? Your report is quite generic so it’s difficult to give you an answer.

My answer will be the same as it was in your topic ;)

In all honesty, all the issues I mentioned in my original post.

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I’m really doubting those numbers after taking a scroll through the Support category. I am also talking about how mine crashes once every 4-5 sessions and I am sure many others (possibly including the OP of this topic) the numbers are the same or relatively similar. Honestly it seems like you guys are denying their is any issue instead of trying to solve it.

Those numbers are facts. Not sure what else to tell you.

I’m doubting them by scrolling through the Support category and seeing how many topics include people’s app crashing. That’s just me though.

@schyllberg could all theses issues be attributed to my iPad model?
I’ve heard from some other IFC’ers who have the 9th and 10th gen iPad that they experience a lesser number of crashes and other issues.

Thank you!

I will have a closer look at your situation in the morning and see what comes up.
But just for future reference;

It’s a lot more helpful to us when it comes to troubleshooting these things to be factual & specific. Don’t get me wrong now - but we “don’t care” from a troubleshooting perspective what happened last week. The only thing that is interesting to us now is issues that remains with 23.3.2 :)

@United403, I have the same device as you, it’s been 3 years since the initial release. I do think it’s time to change to more updated device since so many updates have happened over 3 years period, not to mention security updates in relation to the device concerned and tech ages quickly than anticipated with tech specifications.
I am planning to upgrade when the next generation iPad are expected to be released next year in 2024.