App Crashes After Starting Flight

Ive tried re downloading, clearing all my apps and restarting my phone but to no avail. My phone exceeds the requirements (OPPO R9, 4GB RAM, OPEL 3.1. Android 5.1) quits every time I start. I’ve been frequently flying for 4 years. And this might end it.

Hello! That has happened to me also, but I just kept restarting IF and after a few times it worked. Rebooting the whole device again might also help. Unless the servers are down, you should be fine:)

me too…

i stuck in loading screen (plane+moon), and then force close suddenly.

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Tried it, to be exact 16 times. I shall rest my case and delete it.

Wow, delete the app and reinstall. You will have to restore all purchases.

Done it but to nothing, ive spent more than $50 of my wallet into this game. Not to mention the joystick and rudders, well above $80. I want the open infinite flight back. I don’t install till its solved

put your trust in FDS team, i though they giving us the best…

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