App crashes after phone call on iPhone 5s

Title explains it. If I receive a phone call, instead of pausing the game in live mode (like it would if I pushed the home button), the app hangs and crashes after I return from the call (or even if I ignore the call).


Maybe this is the reason mobile companies came up with Flight Mode. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have a iPhone 6 and it does the same problem

Turn on do not disturb or evenbetter, airplane mode 😜😁.

Best, Boeing707


I have a iPhone 6 + and it does the same problem.

Would love to finish my flight after I’ve chatted with someone who called me while I was turning final. Unfortunately since I don’t have a land line this is the only way for people to contact me. Your solution wouldn’t be available for me.

@jasonrosewell @Boeing707 Sorry mate don’t take me as a nutter, FAA/CAA prohibite people using mobile phone while aircraft on landing or take-off roll. it doesn’t matter it’s turning final or downwind. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


lol… Touché!!

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Try turning airplane mode on before flying to get rid of telecommunication facilities

So you disobeyed Federal Regulations and didn’t set your small portable electronic mobile device to Airplane Mode before taking off?

I can’t figure out if we’re still joking or not :persevere:

  1. This is a bug
  2. I don’t use my phone on a real flight until I’m told I can


@jasonrosewell Sorry mate 4 hijacking the thread, hope you get to fix it soon. :wink:

Still joking of course :)


Because your off it for so long wenever i want to type something on here when flying it does the same thing but because it took to long hang up the call right away take the max of ten seconds or else it should crash

I actually received a phone call the other day but I declined the call and the app did not crash.

Always when I’m flying/landing and then someone calls me
The app crashes and not pauses
Please fix it.

@Swang007 I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say he’s referring to the app freeze on iOS devices when an event interrupts the app (alarm, phone call).

Yes, I play on Iphone6+ and each time I receive a call or a message the screen will freeze. I won’t be able to do anything (I can’t press the buttons…etc.) - it’s really blocked.

When I quit the app and go inside it again, it goes on IF’s home page (ie. I lost everything of my previous flight)…

When it happens to me when I am at Parking, there is no problem (I am just about to start/end the flight) so I can always go back - not much work!
But when it happens to me when I am on final approach after a long flight like Singapore-Kuala Lumpur… :((


Hard-earned flight time and XP away everything. So many hours an XP. :-(

:(((((( happens to me right now

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