App Crashes after initializing

The app crashes 10 after I open it, but if I don’t have access to internet it will crash after 25 seconds.

The Android Version my phone has is 5.1
My phone supports Open GL ES 3.0
And my phone’s RAM memory is 1gb.

What should I do?

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Thanks for contacting support, let me see if I can help you…

Could you please provide some further details on what device it is your using, what android device?

In the first instance:

  1. Try Force Stop (Restart) Infinite Flight.
  2. If it doesn’t work, Try to set Planes count to low
  3. If it also doesn’t work, Try to set your graphics to medium or low. And make sure you don’t use Anti-Aliasing
  4. Try deleting the application and then reinstalling the app.
  5. If those solutions I mentioned above doesn’t work, come back and we will see if anyone else has any further suggestions.

Furthermore - Have you tried updating IF? I had this same issue but I just downloaded the hotfix, it works fine now.

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I reinstalled the app and now it works !
Thank you !