App crashes after flight planned is pasted

The app loads normally but when paste the flight plan it immediately crashes. iPad Pro 2016 iOS 12.2
App version 19.01.06


It could possibly be your graphics for Infinite Flight. Go to your Settings > Graphics and try choosing “Fast” to see if it will help your device function better and avoid crashing when your flight plan is entered!

Tried that. Still crashes and I have an iPad pro I’ve been playing with the graphics on max from day 1 of global release. The app updated today and that’s when it started to happen.


Message a moderator and try to get the device compatability checked. It may be the update, but your device may also contribute to the app crashing.

hopefully you find the issue wagwan if was a waste yute for me too

Hello there!

Can you paste the flight plan in here and see what can be the issue with the flight plan or the game itself or the device itself.

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I’ve tried with different flight plans


Well, try give a simple restart Infinite Flight and the Device.

First of all not everything to do with graphics. Ppl have to stop referring to check graphics setting straight away for all problems. This problem might be to do with clipboard, memory etc… how big is flight plan? Can you just paste 1 waypoints?


Dude I went as far as a complete uninstall and reinstall of the app

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It only crashes if I choose to paste the flight plan but if I select the waypoints individually its seems to work fine. Also I’ve seen we’re others say the app crash during flight

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Can you try pasting 1 waypoint see if it still craahes?

Well, try to go to setting and clear the memory data, or clearing all unnecessary file.

Also, I suggest you put down all possible tries you have done and it will be easier next time.

Note: I’m Android user which I’m unfamiliar with IOS.

Video of the issue


Can we see your flight plan please? When you click go, its crash, so that why I want to see it.


Doing Jamaica to Mexico City

Do you usually add these like-related first 2 waypoints every time you paste? But, different waypoint. Sorry for the confusion what I’m saying.

Huh? As I stated before I’ve tried different flight plans. They all result in app crashing


Also, there is a waypoint character limit which goes up to 5. Maybe remove the 1 from the first waypoint.

Try this and if it does not work then it could be Game Issue itself.

The issue is things like PETSI1 are not waypoints, they are App./Dep. procedures consisting of different STARS or waypoints. Try looking up the App./Dep. procedure and replace those with the STARS. That should fix your problem. And there isn’t a limit to 5 characters, you can have up to 12 characters, such as 1253N/11576W. @D3nt0n21

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