App crashes after Android update.

The app crash after the newest update, I CANT PLAY IF ANYMOREE please help

Have you tried a restart? This is a known issue

Hey there,

Easy on the use of Caps. We are here to help you so if you could specify your device and operating system along with your available memory then we would be glad to help you. Kind Regards, Chris

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hello! please give us more information, things like device, how much RAM etc. try closing all other apps before running infinite flight. when all else fails, Reinstall!

That was already asked by Chris. Thanks! :)

yeah i saw that. sorry about the repeat. guess he wrote it while i was typing!

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Samsung galaxy j5 2017
Android 7.0
2gb ram
16 storage

Shared from another thread:

  • Most issues are caused by a poor internet connection.
  • Background Apps running after you launch Infinite Flight
  • Backing out of the app too many times

Here are some helpful tips to optimize your experience:

  • Refresh your device regularly
  • Reset your router once in a while
  • Keep your RAM free and clear it occassionally

If you are having terrain issues then we recommend a delete and re-installation of the app in case there is an instance where you may have corrupt files.

Thanks, Chris

I had the same problem and i just closed it then opened it again.

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