App crashes after 1hour flight just before Landing (New Zealand FLY-IN) event

Hi Team,

This is not just first time 😢😢

Issue is whenever am flying expert server with huge amount of traffic my app crashes most of the time.

Today am flying at New Zealand Fly-IN event and at the time of landing in NZAA crash happened. I was flying with A333 and it happened when am on holding pattern. This is really making me feel irritated a bit when am curious to land and it crashes.

Team please find some solution on fixing these crashes happening on long time flights and as well as during heavy traffic time. Happy to share more details if required.

Device: iPad 8th Generation
Operating system: 16.3.1



Hello there!

The iPad 8th Gen is now 2.5 years old so likely can’t handle the highest settings.

Can you send a screenshot of your graphics settings so I can get an idea of what settings you are using…

This is my settings actually. Can you help if any settings change from this can avoid crash.

Honestly I would turn them all down to Medium.

You can also do things like lowering screen brightness during cruise and going into the tail cam and pointing the camera at the sky…I find those two things help a lot…


Cool, currently I have low power mode ON. I need to set that settings to OFF and try. Also I’ll follow your steps and see once.

Keep Infinite Flight’s Low Power mode on. It’s recommended that everyone have that setting on, regardless of their device as it significantly reduces the load on the device during cruise.


Also put the airplane count to medium. I noticed this helped a lot.

Same here. Crashed after a two and a half hour flight from Sydney

Exact same thing happened to me, but I was like 20 minutes out. Surprisingly, this is the first time that it has ever occurred, even though I use a 7th generation Ipad to play IF. 😣

Take a look at. steps/tips here: Performance | Infinite Flight

Alongside graphics settings, some helpful things to do are:

  1. Restart your phone before each flight
  2. Close all background apps before starting a flight
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