App crashes 4+ hours into a 10 hour New Zealand fly-in

Hi all! Just earlier today, I was doing a 10 hour flight from WMKK to NZAA and when I was checking-in 4+ hours into the flight, the app suddenly crashes. It was weird cause I followed a lot of long haul tips like:
  • keeping my brightness down
  • All graphics low
  • No other apps open
  • Staring into a specific spot so less blocks are rendered (my seat)

It was really disappointing for me so I would like to know if there are reasons why this would happen and what I could possibly do to prevent this. If needed, I can send my recording or a pic of my settings.

Device: IPhone 12mini
Operating system: IOS 16.3


Had the same issue, had around a 9hr flight from VABB to EGLL and as soon as I was on final, put the gear down, boom, the app crashed.
Really sad ngl.

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Yeah, those are the worst! It’s like so disappointing especially since your just at the final stages of your flight.

Hello! This is a known issue, and staff are working on it currently :)

This also happened to me and my friend today, but unfortunately there’s not much you can do at the moment.

Did you restart your phone before starting the flight (don’t see that on the list)? Restarting you phone before starting a flight can help reduce the crash rate. Also, try closing all your background apps before starting a flight. It probably doesn’t help a ton, but it should help at least a little bit.

Other than that, you can try following the steps/tips given here: Performance | Infinite Flight

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The same thing happened to me! I am TIRED of this problem… It’s not fair to pay a monthly subscription and have this kind of errors that should not exist.

It happened to me in a similar way, I was doing the KLAS - NZAA route. I was making contacts with Approach and from one moment to another the application crashes on approach after 14h33m of flight… It has happened to me several times already and it happened again a few minutes ago on a flight from NZAA - NZCH.

I fly with the graphics on low, everything on low, minimum brightness, 0 volume, etc. still the crashes happen! What is happening?


Hello everyone, I have the same problem but the device is different (iPhone XR run the simulator without errors on maximum graphics before this suddenly starts), the devs say it is because it is an old device and they ask to reduce the graphics and it really does not work, I am also not able to fly at that time because of this problem that is already there since 22.8, of course the devs are working to fix the only option we have is not to fly to an airport with 3 or more people (in my case I don’t have this problem in an empty airport) and it’s really complicated to deal with that.

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You’re right, it is complicated to deal with this problem. Although your device shouldn’t give problems, since it’s not such an old device and it’s in a condition to run an application like Infinite Flight in a good way.

I use an iPhone 13 and I’m tired of the crashes, I can’t fly a Long haul without this happening… I hope the developers fix this problem fast, it’s been happening to most users for a while now.


I also have an iPhone XR, currently I’m running it on all LOW settings including airplane count. All maximum settings may work in a dead airport, but when it’s even slightly busy, maximum will not work.

And it still crashes at ultra busy airports, unfortunately.

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a little while before starting this I used it to the maximum, only the count of planes I used it in “high” and in a very busy airport without problems and once or another my fps drops a little and there was no heating too high. Anyway it’s something delicate and most iOS users have this problem, no matter how recent or old for example the iPhone Xr,Xs/Max iPad Pro use the same chip with a considerable improvement and I’ve seen some reports of the same problem I think on the 2020 version of the iPad Pro.

iPad Pro 2020

I think it’s not a Pro version but it’s a recent device that has the problem

Is this a chronic issue? Or is it a one time thing? I just ask this because using the tips you listed, my crash rate is so close to zero that it might as well not be statistically significant. However, it has happened once or twice before.

Also, this has been said for like the past year and I’m sure the staff team is working diligently towards it but at what point do we say enough is enough? The amount of crash reports on IFC have skyrocketed recently with seemingly no end in sight. IF has always been nothing but great to me but clearly there are some lasting issues.


And in most cases, it’s been due to people running their iPhone 3GS with everything maxed out. Exaggerated obviously but there’s a clear pattern there.

The app itself isn’t using more resources from what we can tell. So there’s a chance iOS have decreased the amount of RAM we’re allowed to use. Not like they’re specifying that so we’d know… but we’re doing our best to lowering our usage but it’s tricky.

Therefore lowering things like airplane count and 3D object density can do a great deal along with restart before every flight.


The settings part is definitely not the case with everyone. I currently restart my phone before each flight, close all background apps, use low brightness, run ALL LOW settings (including plane count), anti-aliasing off, and 30 FPS, but my iPhone XR still crashes at busy airports. I will say the crash rate is lower because I am doing those things compared to the past, but it is still to a point where I currently believe that if I fly into a busy hub, there’s a substantial chance my game will crash (and I believe it’s even higher if it’s a long-haul).

It is unfortunate that RAM is causing all this; if this continues unfortunately it will be impractical for a lot of us with older devices to fly into busy airports because of substantial risk of crashing.


Yeah, I understand that. As I said, IF has been very good to me (this may have to do with the fact that I follow all of the standard protocol for avoiding crashes) on all 3 devices I’ve used including a very old iPhone 6S. However, a concerning amount of these crash topics here are from people with brand new or barely last-gen devices (iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPad 8th gen, iPhone 13, to name a few recent topics). I feel like they should be able to handle a bit of misuse considering how powerful most of them are.


so you mean if i want to fly in Multiplayer in considerable graphics i need an iPhone or iPad of the year?
because I see that even the iphone 12/13 has the problem. And they’re potent enough as far as I know.

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here is proof that not everything is old technology.

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after all, nobody seems to know if the problem is the RAM or the System or even the Simulator. (My pov)

You don’t necessarily need the latest iPhone or iPad of the year, your phone is not the problem. the problem is that IF currently has certain bugs which cause the crashes, as I tell you, I fly on an iPhone 13 and it crashes. Also, I know people with the latest iPad of the year that has caused crashes.

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Did you read what I posted earlier? If so, you would know it’s not quite like that.