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Hello good Morning.
I have also had the same problem, I received instructions in the post to alleviate the problem, I have done, but the app has closed after getting into the taxi.
the problem with that is also though I landed not registering my points and listed how the flight ended in my log book. I would like support to verify the possibility of avoiding such problems and redeem my points not counted.
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Give it a few hours and it should update accordingly.

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This issue is a known issue that is being looked into right now wher the game crashes with the current 19.4 update.

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Check this out for some tips to use when flyingn to not have these frequent crashes :)

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Before we all go and post the same link that you have already referenced, can you elaborate on your issue?

It sounds like you are saying it crashed as you were taxing? Is that correct? Was this on take off or landing?

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hello, thanks for listening.
I managed to land, but when directing to the park, before closing it closed, I looked in the history it was like an unfinished flight, despite having the replay with the landing. I just didn’t finish the final taxi and I didn’t have a score.
thank you!

thanks for listening. I waited for the time and the 13-hour points were not recorded, it was as if I had not finished, despite the landing being shown in the replay until the runway left.
thank you!

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@Kevinsoto1502 my hope is that with the promised future update, the problems specifically related to IOS devices will be solved.
developers have already identified specific problems for a long time and all that remains is to be patient in having everything resolved in version 20.
let’s hope everything is perfect.
thank you!

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This has happened to me. Were you in a crowded airport? With the current pandemic so many more people are flying. I’d try reducing airplane count to low before landing (this solved the problem for me in very crowded airports, no need to do this when there’s 5-6 planes). If necessary also reduce graphics settings to medium. What device are you using?

Yeah the future has a lot in store for us :). i know the devs have a plan and they have worked really hard on this so dont worry about it because sooner than later itl all be history ;)

Even I am facing this issue.
Whenever I am controlling the aircraft or just looking at the scenery it hangs for between 5-30 seconds and the resumes on its own.
Once when I landed my game hung as I was applying reverse thrust and my landing did not count.

I am scared of when I am in contact with ATC and they give me instructions and I cant follow them or reply to them which may lead to getting reported or ghosted.

Hi @Kevinsoto1502 good morning! use IOS. KFJK was landing, the flow was normal.
I needed to read a post about a similar problem, guidance was to clean the chache. I did, now locking from the pushback.
The bad thing that in order not to crash I have to fly with the free camera pointed at the sky, according to tips I learned in the community. this done lessened the lock.
now how will I register graphics if I have to fly with the camera registering only the sky in the cache?
thank you very much for your attention

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The scenery does not generate when you point the camera to the sky but you will still see it. It just wont crash so its helpful

Just kee your camera pointed to the sky and if that doesnt work turn down the graphics settings for now until something is released or announced :)

It does not lock as before, after putting the camera into the sky, it is useful to reduce the locking frequency at the end of long flights, but it still persists.
I cleared the cache, I knew that scenarios and lands are erased, to register everything again would be unviable, as it will not register anything beyond heaven. I will be without updating graphics until they solve this problem.

Again like I linked above this is the viable solution for now. So for now just try either your graphics maybe lower them or keep trying to point the camera in the cockpit to the sky

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then, among the possible solutions given to alleviate the problem in IOS devices in addition to the camera to the sky, decrease graphics, disable battery saving mode, etc. everything i did, however i will actually have to wait for the new update to know if it will solve this problem.

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Yeah just for now just try and use what I said to the most of your advantage and eventually in the near future the problem will be solved ;) if you have any more questions or concers please dont hesitate to shoot me a pm :)

yes, I know there is no solution, my concern as I will register the graphics with the camera pointed towards the sky since the cache has been cleared. understood my concern. I wouldn’t have a chart update.

Thats great! Glad I could help :)