App Crashed


I was just departing Sydney and my app crashed. It crashed in the 777 last night also. Why is this happening and is there any way it can be fixed?

Hello! what device do you have, and what is your graphics settings?

I am using an iPad Air 4. Also how do I check graphics?

By the way, I just went into the app after it crashed and it said it had an error connecting to the server, I am on the fastest WiFi and stuff are still happening. Just started last night.

Hello, could you please provide us with more details such as:

• Device Make, Model, and Operating System
• Amount of available storage
• Graphics settings
• Was the airspace busy and what is your Aircraft Count setting under Live Settings?

  1. iPad Air 4 (2020) | Apple | iOS 15.3 (Updating to 15.3.1 After It Crashed)
  2. 106.73GB Remaining
  3. Everything Else High (Anti Aliasing Off, Frame Rate is 30FPS)
  4. I Was At YSSY, Which Was Busy, Very High Airplane Count

Before making a long or short flight, it is recommended to clear cache, RAM, and restart the device… Do you do any of these procedures?

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I don’t restart the device, but I do clear the app.

It only started happening last night, I have never had the app crash so many times other than today :(

I’m going to suggest changing this to High or Medium, device performance and degradation changes over time. Also, as Izumi highlighted, restarting your device will keep things fresh so it is a good practice to maintain before starting your flights.

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Hey! A great way to fix this is to put your graphics to low while cruising, as well as lowering airplane count as Levet mentioned. And make sure to restart your device before every flight.

Cooper 👀

Thank you everyone for the feedback! I appreciate it! Will definitely do these.


Let me update it to 15.3.1 right now.

This topic can be closed, thank you all!

We’ll keep it open for you to see how your flight improves following the recommendations that were provided. The key changes here will most likely come from lowering the Aircraft Count and device restarts before each flight. Support topics automatically close 7 days after the last reply, but Mods & Staff check this category regularly to clean things up.

Please let us know how you make out with these changes, have a great flight and great weekend!

Thank you, you too!

Also Discord has been crashing recently, which has never happened so it probably is a issue across my device. Maybe Apple convincing me to update 🤷🏻‍♂️

You might be ready to reboot your Modem and Router ;)

What’s a modem?

This is the box in your house that connects you to the internet. Most of the time this is a modem/router combo.

So that causes crashes? By the way I am in an internet connection that I move into after I takeoff, which that Internet I cannot load into the app at the start but it allows me to fly.

It also gave me some API Issues last night too.