App crashed

Worst pain an IF pilot could ever go through. After traveling for 12.5 hours, while I was on final from RJTT, the app crashed! 😒 However, I flew the a359 for the first time and it was sweeeeet! Looking forward to some fun short flights tomorrow!

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Hi! Would you mind giving us some more info such as your device?

Yes! I was using my iPad Pro

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What model year is you iPad? Older ios devices are known to crash on long haul flights as they don’t have the memory to stay in the air for very long times on some occurrences.

What graphics did you have on?

Best graphics

1st generation. I will update my iPad tonight

This is currently a known problem with IF right now. IF staff are working really hard to fix the issue.

Ok, great! Thank you

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Sometimes refreshing works too

Here is the topic

Yeah. The first gen iPad Pro is a tad old. The problem with iOS devices is that they have lower RAM amounts than their Android counterparts, which can lead to crashes if that RAM bottlenecks. Best way to prevent this is to close all apps while you are in the air.

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