App Crashed

I was doing an overnight flight when the app crashed. I had taken off and reached my cruising altitude and everything was fine when I fell asleep, but when I woke up the app had crashed. The airspeed indicator on the HUD said that for most of the flight I was at 900+ knots, but still only mach 0.88. Also just after takeoff it said the plane was at almost 400 kt and it just kept accelerating. The HUD indicator also didn’t line up with the cockpit instruments. Here’s some pictures of the flight right before the replay ends:



The IAS indicator on the replay is somewhat broken. So ignore that.

Regarding the crash - what kind of device? Have you checked the Support FAQ pinned in the #support category?

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I have the iPhone XR and the latest version of both iOS and infinite flight. I also have 80 gigs of available storage and I had followed most of the tips in the support category.

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Which steps did you skip? :)

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I didn’t restart my phone beforehand and I didn’t turn down the infinite flight settings but I’ve never done those and never experienced an app crash before.

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So, none of the steps then? ;)

As we have a known issue with this, it is not unexpected. Everything thing you need to know to avoid a crash to the best extent possible is written here, under “Trending”:

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