App crashed while space slingshot.


I was doing a space slingshot and I got to 1 million feet below ground and my app crashed. Is there a reason why the app crashed so harshly?

Now I’m no computer genius, but this is probably why. You’re not supposed to be down there, are you?


It is a glitch maybe. App is not supposed to be glitched

@8SmartFlying You have to sling yourself into the ground to get to space.

The game wasn’t built for you to go ultra submarine status and then shoot up to space. It’s expected that something’s gonna go wrong if you mess with it like that.

@8SmartFlying is this what you were trying to say?


Like @TaipeiGuru and @8SmartFlying said, the game is not meant for sling-shotting yourself into space. It was created for simulation of flying within the Earth’s atmosphere. The “get to space” thing is a “glitch,” but it’s not meant to work. It is not an official part of the game Laura and Jason created. That is why it doesn’t work 100% of the time.


It also crashed probably because you device is getting full of bugged code and doesn’t know what to do so it crashes so your device doesn’t blow up 🤯.


Tell me how, I am actually gonna do this LOL. I like to experiment sometimes.

Lol it’s a glitch so it’s obviously the reason why you crashed 😂😂

Yeah, my wording wasn’t great sorry. I wanted to try a bit of sarcastic-ish humour 😂

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No worries, I still got the humor 😂

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