App crashed short final + Infinite Flight pro removed for no reason?

I was doing a Flight from SFO-IAH just recently. Most of the Flight was (for the most part) smooth and uneventful until I reached short Final at IAH. The scenery never showed up, so I figured that I’d go around until the scenery re-appears. Then, my app crashed. Like a normal person would react, I was frustrated. When I re-oppened the Infinite Flight app, Infinite Flight appeared to log me out of my account for no apparent reason. I’ve never had this happen to me before, and I obviously thought that this was super strange. Thankfully, I was able to log back in to my account and were all good now, but this whole incident was just super strange. My Ipad runs perfectly fine, and I’ve done long hauls (longer than the SFO-IAH route) without encountering any problems. Is there any way that I can prevent something like this from happening again?


This issue has happened to many other members of the IFC including myself.
I would suggest clearing your Infinite Flight cache on the Infinite Flight menu. All the way to the bottom of the “General” section in the app.

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Thanks for the help!

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You’re welcome! This should help fix that issue

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