App crashed on final

Hi… after an 18hrs flight ✈️ the app crashed while I was on final… I just couldn’t believe 🥹 do you guys know how to prevent this in future? Thanks 🙏


You are not the only one who has this problem, I also have to fight the common problem with it.

Waiting and finding the solution in vain, but the answer from the admin always comes out the same, which hasn’t always helped. =(
Since then I haven’t flown anything for a good 2 weeks, because I’ve been to the final for the seventh time App crashed.
I have already canceled my subscription.


ive had this happen one time during a 12 hour flight. but ive found ways to prevent it from happening. usually when you fly for a long time, your device cant really handle it. it gets really hot and your frames drop a whole lot. when that happens, it will cause your game to crash. one way to prevent this, and i am not kidding this works, is to get an ice pack and put it on the back of your device during the descent of your flight. every time ive done this, the frames stay somewhat up, and it will not cause crashing to your game. take advice from me or not because this helps a whole lot for me. just one downside is that your device will be freezing when you pick it up again 😂

EDIT: also one thing to help to is to go into your settings and turn on low power mode. it will drop your frames to 10 fps when your inactive for a flight and it will help your device stay cool


Hello! If you haven’t already try these out: restart the device, clear scenery cache, lower device storage, try again…

Here’s a guide to better understanding the situation at hand. If you’re seeing this again, my apologies but it’s what’s available at this time.

Thanks for understanding, have a great day 🪷

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I’ve rebooted several times and blah blah blah. Nothing helped!
Since the penultimate update came out, everything went wrong, nothing, I can do 5 flights in one day (without interruption) or a 96-hour flight, that’s no longer possible for me!
Before the last update it worked without any problems.

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So are you saying you can do 5 flights in a day but cant do a 96 hour flight anymore?

This has been a recurring problem so many times for so many people, I always see at least 1 of these posts per day! Im worried it will happen to me at some point if I do a long flight!

Hey there!

Think this might help you out. Feel free to shoot us any further questions if you have any. I would recommend personally to check your storage, graphic settings, scenery cache, or even restart or delete the application and reinstall it. If none of these options work, I am going to be very honest I can’t help you further - I would recommend checking out the topic for more info.

I wrote ‘‘or’’, more precisely, means both either one way or the other!
Neither works for me anymore.

With your help with the graphics, etc., the app crashed again before the final after a 9-hour flight.

My phone never crashes what I do is when I’m taxing and taking off I have my graphics on high then when I’m cruising I have them on low and then I put them back on high when I’m descending

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