App crashed on approach

So I’m kinda angry. I was doing a flight and while I was talking to approach, the app just froze and then I was automatically back on the home screen. I went to check the replay and I got no XP for the flight. Not really sure what happened since everything was fine up until the end. Were the servers down right now which may have caused it to crash?

Hey! Sorry to hear. Your XP + all the other data have however been applied to your account since that’s updated server side continuously as your flight progresses.

First of all, I’d start here :)

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Thank you, I’ll check that out right now. Is anything wrong with the servers the past couple days since this is the 2nd time this has happened within this week.


No, it’s operating normally. And even it were, server issues generally does not cause app crashes :)


Oh okay sounds good. Thanks for your help, have a good day :)

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