App crashed mid-flight under my watch (bug: switching to ATC cam mid-flight)

I was flying the FNF theme KSFO - YSSY.

4 hours into the flight I’m switching camera angles to check out the flight from different views, and without warning the app crashed. I’ve been starting to deal with memory issues recently (the low device memory warnings - it was not an issue before), so I started taking all the steps needed before doing a long-haul flight: (1)restart my iPad mini 4 (with 2 GB RAM) (2) have low power mode on (which I didn’t have to do before). I also use medium graphic settings but have anti-alias on.

Is there anything else I can do to make sure these app crashes stop happening? I’ve actually just resorted to factory resetting my iPad because, memory never used to be an issue, so I don’t understand what has changed. Maybe an iOS update?

On a side note, I use two third-party apps during my flights, I’ve almost always done this.


There is a0parebtly a bug a while ago that crashes the app if you switch to atc view with no airports nearby.

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That’s actually exactly what I did I was switching to all the angles including ATC/Tower view. As soon as I hit ATC view it just shut down.

I am having these issues as well, just on my iPad mini 5 which is newer and has one extra gig of RAM. It is super annoying and can’t wait for the fix.

When the app force closes like that it is most likely due to resource constraints.

  • Reboot your device before long flights
  • Disable/Limit apps running in the background. Slack, Twitter, facebook, instagram, etc all take up valuable resources.
  • Lower graphics settings and/or airplane count

This often happens when the ram is less. Switching off anti aliasing and setting graphics to a minimum works to some extent. But on doing long-hauls or when entering a crowded airspace the app tends to hang or crash. Try using a device with better ram

@Siddhansh strange because this has become a recent issue (past few weeks), not one that existed when I first installed it in the summer and I was running even three third-party apps while in long-hauls. Also during this flight I was flying over the pacific with no traffic nearby. And it was nighttime. Is 2GB of RAM not enough?

@Chris_S This might be an existing bug because the crash happened as soon as I switched to ATC cam for the sake of it. How much RAM should a device have for IF to run smoothly with the best graphic settings? Again the low memory issue is a more recent one, not one which always existed.

I factory resetted my iPad and I’m off IF pro for a few days. Hope it helps.

When i had an Android phone with 3gb ram and poor graphics i too had the se problems. Screen getting stuck and app crashing in long-hauls or while entering a busy airspace. Now i hv a phone with 8gb ram and this problem is non-existent. Try freeing up ram. If there are no heavy apps running besides IF then it should happen less often.

@Siddhansh Which apps take up more RAM? I basically deleted everything and removed most apps which refresh in the background but I don’t use.

Basically run only IF and if needed support apps

Should I delete Safari too? Lol

Nah…buy a better phone bro…

I’m using an iPad mini 4 though. Maybe IF has just grown over the past few months and has become too good for this specific device.

It is not a matter of memory as in storage. The amount of apps you have doesn’t affect Infinite Flights performance unless you’re running really short on storage.

Memory (RAM) is a different story. We cover this in the Support FAQ under crashes and lag. Check pinned topic in #support

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I’ve been discussing RAM in this thread.

I’d done everything mentioned in that post, and I created this thread after having done all those things (except the graphics settings which stayed at medium with anti-aliasing on). The app still crashed, after 4 hours. There was one instance during another long-haul where I lowered all graphic settings mid-flight but I was still getting the warnings of low device memory…

How much RAM should a device have to run IF smoothly with the best graphics? I currently have 2 GB of RAM.

I have the very same problem with my old iPad Air, only during long hauls or in busy airports.

What usually works for me is to reinstall Infinite Flight (while saving my replay files), free and offload plenty of applications to save my storage up to a few gigs, restarting my device before doing a flight and lowering my graphics to lowest (just to get to my destination safely). These crashes started to happen more often (I am guessing) because of the amount of iOS Updates every two months. Every new update gives away changes to my device and starts to run more slowly.

I agree with this, I suspect it is the case. Everything else you mentioned, I’ve done.

I suppose there’s no other way of getting around it: either buy a device with insane amounts of RAM once and for all or fly on the lowest possible graphic settings at least during cruise, or… the entire flight.

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You are correct. There is a known issue when going to the ATC camera when not near a tower. Suggestion is to not use that cam when you are in the middle of nowhere

A sound and reasonable solution for now! How about RAM?

You are already doing everything for that. Make sure all background apps are closed before your flight. That should help.

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