App Crashed... again

Hi again! I was doing a long haul from LAX to Hong Kong where the app crashed while i was on right base. 15 hrs… This happened to me last week and I did everything i was told to do, but it seems like it’s still happening. Maybe I need a new iPad? It seems like this happens to me when i do long hauls.

This is a known issue. Try to keep your flight a bit shorter

The advice is not a guaranteed cure for the bug. As a workaround, you can point for camera at the sky to stop the code that causes the leak from running.

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Hello @asflightreport, thanks for reaching out!

This is a known issue and is being looked at:

Ok! Great and thank you! I’ll try to keep my flight time shorter for the future.

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It really shouldn’t be like that but it is. All I know for a fact is that the developers are working as hard as they possibly can to get this issue fixed.