App crashed again

I was flying from Toronto to Paris in Air France a350. I was taxing to rwy 33R and was braking to hold short and suddenly plane crashed. I am on iOS iPad mini 4, I did soft restart, I cleared the cache

Could you give more info though?

Thought it was you flying and crashed, from the looks, it’s a scenery issue, has this happened more then once? If it happens in the same spot after trying the steps in the FAQ maybe the only option in deleting and re downloading the app. Bare in mind, you will lose all replays, and have to re-download aircraft.

Well by the looks of it I dont think it’s your “App” crashing. Could you try again and takeoff from anywhere else completing a full taxi please then if the same problem happens message us back @Aryan_Sharma 😁.

Safe flying

Also try what is said in this post

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