App crashed again (Air 3)

I was flying from LFPG to KORD.

I was final of 08C and the app suddenly (zizizik)

IPad air 3 had a lot of storage space(29.1/256GB), and I cleared Cache before final approach.

Is my phone problem?

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Hey! was your Wifi connection good? Sometimes when I fly happens that too the problems on me it’s the wifi connection sometimes is not Good.


Plz read this 😭


Sorry this is happening to you. Did this issojust begin? Or has it been doing it for a while ?

This could be your route cause:


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Same thing happened to me @I_AM_KOREAN_FOX. I was flying close to KORD fro LFPG but then it just crashed.
I think it’s related to the on going app CRASHES mainly using IOS & IF staff are looking into this.
It happened three times this week, so it’s starting to get a little annoying if not inconvenience

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