App crash

Hi guys! Happy New Year for everybody. I have a big problem now because when I open the app for online flight and I choose and airport with ATC and huge traffic the app is closed in a few seconds. Anybody know the key to solve it? Thank you.


Restart your device and if that doesn’t work then idk

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try this, however in your case it’s better for you to do so when are taxiing and flying maybe

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My iPad has started to do this as well.
I believe that if you have too many apps on your iPad it crashes more easily than if you don’t.

And just make sure that your graphics and aircraft count aren’t too high. - Settings > Graphics / Setting > Online

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Yeah, well uh, try to lower your graphics. If that doesn’t work, you have a potato for a device. ;-;

Guys, I recently had this happen a week ago, the app would not stop bugging or crashing. The solution, delete the app and reinstall it and then restart your device. Works everytime at least for me.

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