App crash

Is anybody else having issues with the app crashing?
I was just 7 hours into a flight from KSFO to VHHH and changed camera views and the app just crashed,
That’s the second time in 3 days that’s happened

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I’m enjoying my flight, no app crash :)

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Yeah that happened to me, but never in flight, only in the menu or on the ground

Strange, never happened to me either apart from twice in 3 days 😂

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Did you go into Tower/ATC camera? If you were over the Pacific Ocean, that’s probably why. It couldn’t handle rendering all the way back/infront

Yes I did exactly that. It flickered from blue ocean to black, then just crashed,

Won’t be making that mistake again then,
Thanks for informing me

Yeah, it’s not really a problem, more like a limitation. Your phone cannot render from your position (Pacific Ocean) to the nearest airport with is probably hundreds of NM away.

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Yeh I can understand that. Certainly a lot to render, least now I know

my flight crash last night after 2 hours of flight going to australia, I do not know why it happened but after that I did another flight and everything was fine

We’ll have a look and see what we can do to avoid this. It’s not a super common crash issue, but it does happen :)

I’ll do a shorter flight from Perth to Singapore and see how it goes

That’s fine, wasn’t meaning for it to come across as complaining, just seeing if anybody else was having the same issue.
Considering the whole globe is running off mobile platform, I’m 99.9% impressed with infinite flight as a whole, it’s expected that little things like this will happen,
I’ll just start a new flight😁

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