App crash

I was flying from Dubai to New York on infinite flight and had completed 14 hours of flight, I was just 120nm from New York and I had Begin my Descent when all of a sudden the app ended up crashing. Can anyone please tell me what can I do about this? This was going to be my longest flight ever and it’s all ruined now. Need help.

What device are you using?

Same with me tokyo-london

Hello Aryan

Can you please give more info such as:

  • Device

  • Operating System

  • IF version

This situation happened with me many times, I had my graphics full and the flight was always lagging but now after I take off I put my graphics to low and before I descend I put them back to high. Before doing that my iPhone would always be hot, but now it’s not.
I am doing a flight now from Dubai to Auckland everything is running smoothly I will land in 3 hours and 30 minutes!!

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Also I this has never happens before, I’ve also done 12-13 hour flights and this is only the second time in 9 months that something like this has happened

I’m using the iPhone 6

Device is an iPhone 6
Running on iOS 12.1.2
And I’m running the latest version of IF

Great to know that man, it’s actually a useful tip, but taking into consideration that I have a cooling pad for my phone my phone is always ice cold, yet i don’t know why this has happened

Do you by any chance restart your device before doing a flight?

Is there anything that can be done to get me that XP I’ve done for this flight so far?

No I’ve never done that.

It always happens with me like I am on final the app crashes by it self

Try restarting it every time you do a flight to free up memory and give the device a fresh start. If you can replicate the flight after restarting your device, that would be great.

The amount of XP you have received so far will be saved so all is not lost!

Thanks for your help man, I can do that and also thank you for letting me know that my XP is saved. Not much to worry about now. Mods can close this topic, thank you and happy landings to all.