App Crash

Hello guys!

My IF crashed after 11 hours of flight, i m flyibg with my Note 9 and its crashed without any error message! Me brother had exatly the same thing, app crash last night! Its unexcusable!!! Please check it right now!!!

Best regard

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Did it just end your flight or kick you out of the whole app?

Does your brother have the same phone?

And now i cannot login to my account via facebook anymore

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We’re working on this issue right now.
Sorry for the inconvenience!


No he has a galaxy s8! The App kicked me out, same on my brother

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Another guy from my group had the same issue yesterday night!!

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Guys, how about of rollback of the old authorization method???

This is has nothing to do with that, I’m afraid.

Now the authorization over Facebook isnt working anymore, i cant access my account anymore

As i mentioned, we’re working on the Facebook issue and hopefully we’ll have it resolved soon!

Hey schyllberg,

Is there a workaround to play the game???



Yes, there could be.
If you restart the app, you should be able to re-link your account using Google instead of Facebook now. Give a try and let me know!

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The think is that i m using my facebook account as payment method, but i will try

Nope it doesnt work, problem with the linkin of may account… :(

No account found if i m trying over google

Same here I couldnt log in over google as I’ve got the same promblem as you on my IPad with Facebook

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@schyllberg is it possible for you to hang may fb subscritpion to my google account, in both systems i have the same Email adress

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The developer is working on it, another player had the same problem.

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