App crash

Why, every time I’m on live, does the app crash? I have an IPad 2, and is there anything I can do to help it not crash? Thanks

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Can you supply us with some more info? What exactly did you do before it crashed? What IF version would also be helpful.

iPad 2 is considered an old device - its inevitable it wont run as well on a device like this.

The iPad 2 is an old model. Because it’s so old, you can’t get it to run very smoothly, but here’s a few tips that might help it:

  • Close all background applications.
  • Restart your device before you play.
  • Have the lowest possible settings in-app.
  • Have some spare storage on your iPad for extra power.

Other solution buy an iPad air😉

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Yes I have the iPad 3 same problem lag on approach and flair of landing will lag some times but if I am an ATC in the approach position I can’t clear anyone for the ILs with out a immediate crash

Strange and annoying

Ya I’m worried the ILS thing is not just a old ipad

The app, version 15.12.0, frequently crashes with ATC speech in live mode, ATC Playground - iPad air, iOS 9.2.1.